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RM of Emerson Franklin Senior Services

Office Hours:  Monday and Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Friday 8:00 am to 3:45 pm 

Please Contact: Lorri French

204-427-2869 (office)

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Emerson Franklin Senior Services

Emerson Franklin Senior Services would like to know if you would like any of the following services provided:


-      As the Emerson Franklin Senior Services coordinator, I coordinate and provide support resources and services to seniors and seniors with disabilities in our community.

-      We assist them in maintaining independent living as long as they can be safe. Emerson Franklin Services promotes education regarding health, safety and overall well-being. 

-      We provide friendly visiting, safety checks, transportation, shopping, errands, congregate meal program three times a week and meals on wheels @ $7.00 a meal. Delivery free of charge in Dominion City.

-      Mental Health awareness workshops, planning and promoting health programs to benefit seniors and foot care clinics.

-      We offer Victoria Lifeline to keep our seniors safe, Erik kits, Mobility Equipment, Housekeeping and odd jobs.


Contact Lorri French @427-2869.


Emerson Franklin Handi-Van

The Emerson Franklin Handi-van is provided primarily for the use and enjoyment of the Senior Citizens and disabled persons in the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin with funding from the Province of Manitoba and the Municipality of Emerson Franklin. The Emerson Franklin Handivan is available to all residents of the Municipality of Emerson Franklin and area upon request.

Dominion City: within town limits - each trip will cost $5.00

Emerson-Franklin Seniors/Community Groups/Medical:                           $.50 per km calculated for loaded kilometers

Emerson-Franklin Residents: for private rentals – $50.00 deposit cleaning/cancellation. The deposit will be returned if no cleaning is required and if the trip is not cancelled in the week before the trip - $.50 per km calculated from DC

Non-Emerson-Franklin Rentals:for any use - $250 deposit and $.55 per km calculated from DC.

The deposit will be returned to the renter if there is no damage and mileage is paid.


Emerson Taxi Services- Phone Number- 204-612-3894.

Rural residents of southeast Manitoba have a new option when it comes to short distance travel. Emerson Taxi will help customers get from point A to B. The service has been used for a variety of reasons including medical appoints, rides to work, shopping, excursions, trips to the emergency unit, and special events like weddings and socials where clients are looking for a safe ride.


Ladies Night Out- St. Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre

Sneak Peek into Christmas. We will take in all the themes and festive home décor, trimming, and gift ideas. Relax in a garden atmosphere of over 27 theme trees, food sampling & instructional mini seminars.

When: Thursday, November 29, 2018

Where: St Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Time: 4:00 pm

Cost: $12.00

Call Lorri @ 427-2869 or Leiette @373-2002


Congregate Christmas Dinner at the Legion

When: December 14, 2018

Where: Dominion City Legion Hall

Time: 11:30 am

Entertainment by:  Jackie Chubey

Please bring a "Tin for the Bin”

If anyone would like to donate to our Christmas raffle please contact Lorri


Zumba Classes

If you are interested in Zumba Classes in Dominion City, Emerson, Rosa or Tolstoi

Contact Lorri@427-2869 or Leiette @373-2002

Classes will start in the New Year.


Yoga Lessons

If you are interested in Yoga lessons in Roseau River

Contact Lorri @427-2869 or Leiette @ 373-2002

Lessons will start in the New Year.


Rock Painting

When: Dec 3, 2018

Where: Emerson New Horizon Hall

Time: 1:00 pm

Cost: Free Please bring your own paint brushes.

If you have a preference of your own rock please bring it along.

I will have many rocks to chose from.


If anyone would like to see any Education, Exercise or special Tours please contact Lorri @ 427-2869.



Have a wonderful week!




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