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Emergency Services Members
Fire and Emergency Services are available within the Municipality
In case of an emergency please contact 911
Dominion City Fire Chief   -  Barry Gushuliak   204-427-2628
 Emerson Fire Chief  -  Jeff French   204-373-2557
Municipal Emergency Coordinator  - Bill Spanjer   204-373-2843
    Assistant Municipal Emergency Coordinator - Brenda Piett  204-373-2580
Emergency Coordinator Report  - May 13th 2016
by Bill Spanjer

Spring is upon us and as we have seen recently in the news events have already occurred whether man made or by Mother Nature resulting in emergency situations affecting hundreds and thousands of people.

As Municipal Emergency Coordinators, Brenda Piett and I would like to remind our residents to be prepared for any event that could affect them, whether tornadoes, wild fires, long term power outages, etc.  It is important to understand that you have to be prepared to fend for yourselves for at least 72 hours after an event occurs, simply due to the fact that it will take emergency personnel that long in many cases to respond after gaining control of a situation. 

In Dominion City and Emerson the town sirens will be actuated for a period of at least three minutes as a warning to residents that there's a strong possibility that a serious event will or has occurred.  DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING SIRENS.  If an event occurs you are reminded to tune to CFAM 950 (AM radio in Altona) to gain up to date information and instructions.  You may be instructed to shelter in place wherever you are situated or to evacuate and report to on of our two main municipal faculties, the Emerson Community Complex or the Shevchenko Ukrainian Centre in Rosa.

Our local trained Reception & Registration team is always ready to assist evacuees and provide guidance in case of a major event.  Work is always underway to find the best system of alerting our residents to a serious event or situation.

Being prepared for an emergency will lessen the impact of an event on you and assist you in dealing with the immediate situation.  Stay safe in the upcoming summer season.

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