Municipality of Emerson-Franklin

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Recreation & Tourism

Places To Go
Bridgehill Pottery - Joanne Graydon is an ambitious potter motivated by imaginative thinking, honesty, and collaboration. She will motivate those who wish to cultivate their skills in hand-crafting pottery while continuing to advance her own skills and ideas.
Roseau River Bakery
Emerson Town Hall
Franklin Museum:   Former Anglican church with Gothic drum ceiling that houses the largest fish caught in Manitoba. Located on Centennial Drive in Dominion City.
Summer Hours : Tuesday - Sunday 1pm to 5pm  Closed on Mondays

Fort Dufferin
Fort Dufferin

Swinging Bridge - This bridge over the Roseau River in the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin was built in 1946 to enable students living on the south side of the river to attend Senkiw School on the north side.After the school closed in 1967, the bridge fell into disrepair. It was restored between 2004 and 2005
Border Vintage - Large selection of antiques and collectibles, vintage and retro items
Border Vintage
Olde Bryce Brickyard - Emerson Community Orchard, Crab apples for the Community.

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