Municipality of Emerson-Franklin

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Emerson Franklin History
Town History
In the early 1870's two American businessmen were tipped off by their friend James J. Hill, the great railroad entrepreneur, about an area in Manitoba which possessed an extraordinary potential for developing...
Railway History
Emerson's prosperity and optimism peaked in 1879 when the Pembina branch of the CPR connected with the American line to St. Paul, Minnesota. At the time, Emerson was the only direct rail link between...
Customs History
Emerson historically, was the gateway to Manitoba from North Dakota because it was the only direct rail link between eastern Canada and the North West United States. This created a need for the first...
The Emerson Court House and Town Hall Building
The Emerson Court House and Town Hall Building is a most polished statement on the renewed self-confidence of a small Manitoba town. In the early 1880's, the young settlement of Emerson suddenly...
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