Application Fees

The following list includes all application fees related to building and development. For more information, please contact our general office at 204-427-2557 

Development Applications

Development Plan Amendment$1000.00
Zoning Amendment (i.e. Rezoning)$500.00
Subdivision Approval$100.00 / lot
Subdivision Application Amendment$100.00
Right of Way Opening / Road Closure$1500.00 + cost
Conditional Use Order$200.00
Variation Order$200.00
Appeal of Orders$100.00
Encroachment / Easement Agreements$200.00 + cost

Development Compliance Services
Development Concept / Site Plan Rendering$500.00
Pre-Application / Preliminary Planning Report$100.00
Zoning Memorandum$50.00
Zoning Letter$50.00
Property Registry Search$30.00
Property Ownership Map$30.00
Tax Certificate$30.00

Building Permits
Minimum Fee$50.00
Residential / Addition$0.30 per sq. ft.
Commercial and Industrial Building $0.40 per sq. ft.
Renovation/Alteration Permit$50.00 / hour
Mobile Home / RTM$0.30 per sq. ft.
Enclosed Deck/Sunroom/Gazebo$0.30 per sq. ft.
Open Deck$0.30 per sq. ft.
Garage (attached)$0.30 per sq. ft.
Garage (detached)$0.20 per sq. ft.
Accessory Building/Shed (min. 108 sq. ft.)$0.20 per sq. ft.
Temporary Building Permit$25.00
Development Permit (all uses)$50.00
Demolition Permit$50.00
Sign Permit$50.00
Occupancy Permit$100.00
Inspections (mileage set by Council)$50.00/hour + mileage
Non-compliance of any permit$20.00/month

Refundable Security Deposits
House / Cottage$1000.00
Additions/Structural Renovations$500.00

Water and Wastewater Connection
Plumbing Fee$100.00
Water Connection Fee (Urban)$4,000.00
Water Connection Fee (Rural)$12,500.00