Recreation & Wellness



To promote health, recreation and wellness opportunities for the residents of the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin. As a Municipal department we will endeavor to deliver diverse and equitable programs and services to people of all ages and abilities. 

Seniors Coordinator 

Danielle Kehler

Seniors Coordinator


204-712-3118 (*please note this is a new email address*) 

Tenant Resource Coordinator

Donna Samborski


Recreation Facilitator

Kath Hildebrand


Seniors Coordinator  


The Seniors Coordinator provides the following services:

- Coordinate and provide support resources and services to seniors and seniors with disabilities in our community.

- Assistance for seniors to maintain independent living as long as they can be safe. Emerson Franklin Services promotes education regarding health, safety and overall well-being.

- Offer friendly visiting, safety checks, transportation, shopping, errands.

- Congregate Meal Program three times a week and meals on wheels @ $7.00 a meal. Delivery free of charge in Dominion City.

- Mental Health awareness workshops, planning and promoting health programs to benefit seniors and Foot Care clinics.

 - Victoria Lifeline is offered to keep our seniors safe, Erik kits, Mobility Equipment, Housekeeping and odd jobs.



Recreation Facilitator 


The Recreation Facilitator offers the following services:

- Programming – To encourage the development of public recreation and health and wellness programs.

- Leadership Development – To promote a high standard of recreation leadership in order to maintain a high quality of programs and services.

- Volunteer Development – To encourage and promote volunteerism as an integral part of the community.

- Resource – To facilitate the exchange of information between community groups and the government, funding bodies, regional and provincial organizations concern with seniors, youth, the disabled, volunteer and professional development.

- Public Education and Awareness – To promote the value of Health and Recreation and the important contribution that it makes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

- Facility – To provide access to resources that would encourage sustainable multiuse facilities.