Planning and Development

The Municipality of Emerson-Franklin is responsible for land use planning, property development, and by-law administration and enforcement.

Here, you will find the following information and resources:

  • Permits and Applications
    1. Development Application Guide
    2. Development Application Form
    3. Building Permit Application Form
    4. Development Application Fees
  • Application Fees
    1. Development Compliance Services
    2. Building Permit Fees
    3. Security Deposits
    4. Water and Wastewater Connection
  • Tools & Resources
    1. Development Plan
    2. Zoning Bylaw
    3. Standards for Construction and Design
    4. Subdivision Flow Chart
    5. Development Site Selector
    6. Infill Residential Development Provisions
    7. Storage and Signage Regulations
    8. Parking and Loading Regulations