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View in Map Phone : 204-427-2127

Address:, Box 115 Roseau River Manitoba R0A 1P0

Contact:Todd Palmer

Description:Playground, Campground (Reservations are not accepted), Rates: 12 Water & Electrical Sites - $15 per day, 10 Unserviced Sites - $10 per day, Washrooms & Showers. Outdoor swimming pool with a slide (To register for swimming lessons; call Judy Gilchrist @ 373-2073), 2 ball diamonds, Outdoor tennis court, Canteen (seasonal), Picnic Shelter

Phone : 204-304-9019 Cell : 204-304-9019

Address:#20 First Street, PO Box 295 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Contact:Cody Klassen

Description:Saturday October 7 2017

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2813 Cell : 204-380-2178 Email :

Address:55 Main Street, PO Box 55 Tolstoi Manitoba

Contact:Kayla Holodryga

Description:Franklin Museum Since 1992

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2515 Fax : 204-373-2842

Address:3 – 389 Goschen Avenue, Box 216 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Description:For bookings call Colleen at Emerson Town Office at 204-373-2002

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2444 Fax : (204) 427-2004 Website :

Address:122 Waddell Ave, Box 37 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Carol Brad

Phone : 204-373-2195 Fax : 204-373-2392

Address:13 Main Streeet, Box 186 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:DeeDee St.Godard

Description:Museum Season Opener - June/July

Fax : 204-427-3263 Email :

Address:48 Smith Ave E, Box 15 Arnaud Manitoba R0A 0B0

Contact:Allen McVicar

View in Map Phone : 204-324-2352 Email : Website :

Address:Community Health Resource Centre, 238 5th Ave. NE Altona, Box 473 Altona MB R0G 0B0

Contact:Coordinator; Nina Edbom-Kehler

Description:Supper 5:30 - 7:30 pm Dance to follow

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2263 Email :

Address:41 Smith Ave , Box 3 Arnaud Manitoba R0A 0B0

Contact:Gloria Beck


View in Map Phone : 204-822-3294 Fax : 204-822-5893

Address:, 5 Amber Bay Morden MB R6M 1J1

Description:Hours: Tuesday - Sunday

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2069

Address:Box 243 Emerson Maniotba R0A 0L0

Contact:Duane Pomrenke

Description:Jennifer Slaney

View in Map Phone : 204-829-3300 Website :

Address:, Box 40 Plum Coulee MB R0G 1R0

Contact:Bernie Penner

Description:Providing residential & commercial snow removal and lawn care

View in Map Phone : 2043732953 Email :

Address:318 Dallas Ave, Box 309 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Contact:Sue Chiasson

Description:Home for Legion Members or BR #160 Facilities for the Franklin Seniors Meal Program, Hall Rentals for Social Events

Phone : (204) 427-3315

Address:Border Genetics , Box 268 Oak Bluff Manitoba R0G 1N0

Description:Annual Fall Supper and Dance

Phone : 204-373-2416 Cell : 204-324-4492 Email :

Address:, Box 370 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Wayne Arseny

Description:A place to hold fundraising events, meetings, elections, workshops, funeral services and lunches, weddings and wedding socials, Remembrance Day Service and many other celebrations in the community and area.

Phone : 204-427-2588 Cell : 204-746-5645 Email :

Address:, Box 133 Dominion City R0A 0H0

Contact:Dennis Froom

Description:(204) 373-2505 ~ Administration/General Inquiries

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2698 Cell : 204-391-4556

Address:63 6th Street, Emerson, PO Box 621 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Stacy Cammarata

Description: Secretary: Linda Ramsey & Jamie French

Phone : 204-324-8168 Cell : 204-304-6069 Email : Website :

Address:7091 Highway 30 N, Box 358 Altona Manitoba R0G 0B0


Description:The objective of our centre is to prevent social isolation and to provide opportunities to make new friendships and maintain old through socializing.

View in Map Phone : 204-392-6101 Email : Website :

Address:, Box 109 Tolstoi Manitoba R0A 2E0

Contact:Denise Lubiansky

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2967 Website :

Address:, Box 10 Woodmore Manitoba R0A 2M0

Contact:Joanne Graydon

Description:Friday 10:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.

Phone : (204) 427-2975

Address:Bristol Nurseries, Box 520 Landmark Manitoba R0A 0X0

Description:The building is available for rent by small groups. A fully functional kitchen is including in the rental charge. As well, there is a T.V., DVD player, sound system and screen that can be used for presentations.

View in Map Phone : 204-746-8284 Cell : 204-746-5305 Email :

Address:, Box 97 Lowe Farm MB R0G 1E0

Contact:Howard Brown

Description:Board of Directors:

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2651 or (204) 427-2182 Website :

Address:BSI Insurance Brokers, Box 26 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Wendy Fisher

Description:Joanne Graydon has been a potter for about 20 years now. Joanne has recently put on an addition to her house to conduct workshops as well as work on her pottery.

Phone : (204)427-3250 Email :

Address:Dominion City And Tolstoi Address, 119 Waddell Avenue East Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Kirke & Ruta Calderwood - Owners

Description:Closed Saturdays and Sundays

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Address:Hwy 59 & PR 201, Box 98 Stuartburn Manitoba R0A 2B0

Description: Vice-Principal: Cheryl Janzen

Phone : 204-373-2691 Website :

Address:11 Main Street Emerson Maniotba R0A 0L0

Contact:Emerson Location

Description:Been in Business in Emerson for over 40 years. Hosted fundraiser BBQ for Various Groups.

Website :

Address:117 Waddell Ave Dominion City Manitoba

Contact:Dominion City Location

Description:Services include:

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2272

Address:331 Dallas Street, Box 122 Emerson MB

Contact:Paul Caners


Phone : 204-373-2549

Address:389 Goschen Avenue Emerson MB Box 310

Description:1:00pm - 5:00pm

Phone : 204-427-3945 Cell : 204-392-5608 Email :

Address:Rosa, Box 87 Rosa Manitoba R0A 1N0

Contact:Doug Friesen

Description:Monday - Thursday 10:00 A.M - 4:30 P.M.

Phone : (204) 427-2811 Email :

Address:34 Centenieal Dr. , Box 260 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Kelly or Jay

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2771 Email :

Address:, Box 111 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Larry Chubey

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View in Map Phone : 204-327-5313 Cell : 204-324-7824

Address:, Box 428 Gretna MB R0G 0V0

Contact:Doug Friesen

Description:(204) 373-2428 ~ Complaints Line

Phone : 204-324-5308 ~ Altona Satellite Office

Address:115 Dominion Street, Emerson, c/o Manitoba Housing Authority, Box 1570 Altona MB R0G 0B0

Address:104 Church Street, Box 340 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Description:The Franklin Museum has the purpose of preserving the historic church building and the history of Franklin Museum form its beginning to the present for future generations.

Phone : 204-233-2682 Email :

Address:29 Main Street, Emerson, 406 Dubuc Street Winnipeg Manitoba R2H 1G2

Contact:Diane DeBlois

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2732 Email : Website :

Address:15 Winnipeg Street, Box 425 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Carl & Wanda Bueckert


View in Map Phone : 204-373-2002 Cell : 2043732002 Email :

Address:119 Dennis Street, Box 340 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Description:Supper, Dance, Silent Auction

View in Map Phone : (204) 373-2616 Fax : 204-373-2713

Address:26 Main Street, Box 428 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Southern Health - Sante Sud

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2863

Address:101 Church Street, Box 522 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Description:Committee: June Hormann, Donna Unverrich, Shirley Berrington

Phone : 204-373-2863

Address:101 Church Street, Box 340 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Phone : 204-373-2600 Cell : 800-268-6088 Email : Website :

Address:Located west of Canada Customs (I-29 & Hwy 75), Box 460 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Ellen Burns

Description:Haircuts for Men/Women/Children

Phone : 204-373-2624 Fax : 204-373-2234

Address:25 First Street, Box 422 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Kathy Rintoul - Principal

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2464

Address:34 Winnipeg Street, Emerson, Box 464 Emerson MB

Contact:Glenn Lange

Description:Fire Extinguishers

View in Map Phone : 204-216-0138 Cell : 204-216-0138 Email :

Address:Emerson, MB, PO Box 599 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Vanessa Veert

Description:Info about our organization:

Phone : 204-373-2050

Address:133 Taylor Street Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Remana Jacques

Description:Provides residents and businesses with residential and commercial electrical needs.

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2921 Fax : 1-844-723-4555 Email : Website :

Address:25 First Street, Box 250 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Aimee Braunn

View in Map Website :

Address:Emerson Milling, Box 424 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Contact:Real Tetrault

Description:The Altona and Area Family Resource Centre supports and connects families through free programming to build healthy communities.

Phone : 2043732173 Email :

Address:106 Church Street, Box 261 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Marnie Beninger


View in Map Phone : 2043732002 Cell : 2043732002 Email :

Address:119 Dennis Street, Box 340 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Description:Contact Larry Chubey @ 204-427-2059

View in Map Phone : (204) 373-2208 Cell : (204) 373-2109 Fax : 204-373-2748

Address:26 Main Street, Box 428 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0


View in Map Phone : (204) 373-2746

Address:21 Main Street, Box 160 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Contact:Nader or George

Description:Eyebrow Tint

Phone : 204-373-2553 (library) Cell : 204-373-2002 (town office) Email :

Address:104 Church Street, Box 340 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Kim Propp - Librarian

Description:For bookings call Marnie Beninger at 204-373-2173

View in Map Phone : 911

Address:, Box 421 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2177

Address:31 Main Street, Box 340 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Description:The Emerson New Horizons formed on November 1st, 1978 and has been very active in the community. Elections are held every October. There shall be an Executive Committee of the Center: the President, (Chairman), Vice-President (Vice-Chairman), Secretary and Treasurer and at least 2 others.

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2661

Address:374 Dallas Street, Box 142 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Paul Leclair

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2085

Address:2 – 389 Goschen Avenue, Box 389 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2268

Address:100 – 5 th Street West, Box 549 Emerson MB

Description:Hair Treatments

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2739

Address:31 Main Street Ridgeville Manitoba R0A 1M0

Description:Any person aged 50+ (and their spouse) residing in the vicinity of the community of Emerson may apply for membership.

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2869

Address:, Box 66 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Lorri French

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2259

Address:141 Baskerville Ave W, Box 74 DOMINION CITY MANITOBA R0A0H0

Contact:Rick Pohl

View in Map Phone : 204-427-3969 Email :

Address:42 Centennial Drive, Box 4 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Donna Mae Unverrich

Description:Mitzi Borodenko, Treasure

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2167 Email :

Address:Unit 10 – 389 Goschen Avenue, Box 100 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Gwen Kozak

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2337 Email :

Address:GJ Chemical , Box 63 Arnaud Manitoba R0A 0B0

Description:Clean Septic tanks and porta pottie services

Cell : 204-746-0320 Email :

Address:, Box 149 St Jean Baptiste Manitoba

Contact:Doug Godard

Description:Emerson Milling Inc. is a fully automated oat milling facility located near Emerson, Manitoba, Canada on the Canada / U.S. Border. The facility specializes in a premium high-quality bird food / animal feed oat groats.



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Description:Principal: Jason Mateychuk

View in Map Phone : 204-427-3971 Email :

Address:Dominion City, Box 218 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Jen Slaney

Description:Electric Furnace Repair - Home, Farms, Business

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2122 Cell : 204-881-4840 Email :

Address:Rosa, MB, Box 25 MB R0A 1N0

Contact:K. Taylor

Description:Since one third of your life is spent in bed, it is crucial that it be clean and free of all harmful chemicals and synthetic materials. Conventional mattresses can contain polyurethanes, flame retardants, formaldehyde and other toxic substances linked to serious health problems. You deserve to sleep in a bed that will help your body to heal and regenerate each night. We offer a natural bed that is good for people and the planet.

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2626

Address:365 Dallas Avenue Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Rong He Guan

Description:Shepherd’s Dream produces the finest natural wool bedding available in Canada. We are committed to healthy sleep; we offer all the ingredients to create a breathable, supportive sleep system. Our All Wool Mattress, Wool Mattress Toppers, Wool Comforters and Wool Pillows are all hand-crafted with Eco Wool batting and certified organic cotton and wool fabric.

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2376 Email :

Address:164 Johnston Ave Dominion City R0A 0H0

Phone : 204-324-5477 Fax : 204-324-6675

Address:PTH 30, Box 1090 Altona MB R0G 0B0

View in Map Phone : 204-250-9352 Email :

Address:Roseau River and Surrounding Areas, Box 92 Roseau River MB R0A 1P0

Contact:Brent bjornson

Description:Larry Chubey, President

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2182

Address:2 – 389 Goschen Avenue, Box 338 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Phone : 204-373-2594 Cell : 204-482-0977 Email :

Address:115 Taylor Street, Emerson, Box 490 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Description:Artificial Ice. Call Murray Ihme at 204-373-2935

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2330

Address:42 Fifth Street, Box 405 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Marie Becker

Description:Business Hours Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 to 5:00

View in Map Phone : 204-758-3031 Fax : 204-758-3144 Website :

Address:218 Caron Street St. Jean MB R0G 2B0


Phone : 204-324-1957 Fax : 204-324-8007

Address:, Box 1115 Altona MB R0A 0L0

Description:New Members are always welcome. Join us and become an integral part of the community.

Phone : 204-612-3849


Contact:Rochelle or Neil

Description:Hardware Store & Building Supplies - From Concrete (Redi-Mix), to Lumber, to Tools and Household Needs

Phone : 204-392-0551

Address:9 Second Street - Emerson, Box 786 Blumenort MB R0A 0C0

Contact:Trevor Barkman

Description:Providing snow clearing, lawn care, brush cleanup, dump runs and more

View in Map Phone : 204-324-5348 Fax : 204-324-6324

Address:162 Centre Avenue E, Box 368 Altona MB R0G 0B0

Description:A safe and reliable way of removing any trouble trees, bucket truck service, chipper available. Reasonable rates. 25 years of experience in the field.

Phone : 2043732499

Address:102 Church Street, Box 158 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Description:We have a large selection of antiques and collectibles, vintage and retro items, one-of-a-kind gifts and home décor. new treasures brought in weekly

View in Map Phone : 204-325-2267 Fax : 204-325-7943 Email :

Address:660 Norquay Drive, Box 383 Winkler MB R6W 4A6

Contact:Anna Dyck

Description:Donna Mae Unverrich, Secretary

Phone : 2043041445 Campground Cell : 2043624730 Kyle Email : Website :

Address:405 Machester Ave - Emerson, Box 109 Altona Manitoba R0G 1B0

Contact:Kyle Wiebe

Description:For all your electrical needs.

View in Map Phone : 204-801-8623 Email :

Address:Rosa, MB, Box 79 Rosa Manitoba R0A 1N0

Contact:Ryan Chubaty

Description:Weddings, Anniversaries, graduations, socials, family reunions, Sunday gatherings, church gatherings, celebrations of life, funerals, Ukrainian Dance Club ensemble (practice Monday) UCWL Tea, Annual Fall Supper, Bi-weekly bingos

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Address:, Box 421 Emerson Manitboa R0A 0L0

Description:Plumbing and Heating Services

View in Map Phone : 204-324-6923 Fax : 204-324-8357 Email :

Address:42 Centre Ave, Box 1455 Altona MB R0G 0B0


Description:Pottery is the art of making earthen or stoneware pots and dishes from clay. At the Bridgehill Pottery workshop Joanne uses two types of clay. One can make either stoneware or earthenware.

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2434 Cell : 204-905-2923 Email :

Address:27009 Road 13 North, Roseau River Roseau River Manitoba R0A 1P0

Contact:Dean Radford, Sales Manager

Description:Clean House & Business Septic Tanks - Port-a-pot Services

View in Map Phone : (204) 427-2991

Address:, Box 78 Woodmore Manitoba R0A 2M0

Contact:Lloyd or Aidan Burns

Description:hall for rentals (anniversaries, group events, etc.) Ice skating in the winter, Unserviced camping sites in summer. Fishing, baseball diamonds, play structure, Outdoor picnic shelter. Canoeing the river

View in Map Phone : (204) 373-2813

Address:Riach's Sale & Service Box 70, Box 70 Ridgeville Manitoba R0A 1M0

Contact:Kyle or Lynne Riach

View in Map Phone : (204) 373-2443

Address:Ridgeville Co-op Community, Box 27 Ridgeville Manitoba R0A 1M0

Phone : 204-373-2443 Email :

Address:, Boc 27 Ridgeville Manitoba R0A 1M0

Contact:Kristie Lake

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2413

Address:113 Franklin Ave E, Box 33 DOMINION CITY MANITOBA R0A0H0

Contact:Lynette Cadieux

Description: Kindergarten - Senior 4

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2445 Email :

Address:2 miles West of Roseau River, Box 110 Roseau River Manitoba R0A 1P0

Contact:Duane Goertzen

Phone : 204-427-3054 Email :

Address:, P.O. box 60 Roseau River Manitoba R0A 1P0

Contact:Tammy Derksen

Phone : 204-427-2721 Email :

Address:114 Waddell Ave, Box 145 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Cec Smoley

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2143 Email :

Address:, Box 176 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Jason Mateychuk

Description:Business Hours

View in Map Phone : 204-304-9380 Email :

Address:, PO Box 308 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

View in Map Phone : 888-699-0900 Fax : 888-696-9001 Email : Website :

Address: Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Contact:Jeff French, Trevor Froese, Grant Nicholson

Description:Space for community Programs

View in Map Phone : 204-380-1750 Cell : 204-380-1750 Email :

Address:RD 11N Roseau River, PO Box 127 Roseau River Manitoba R0A 1P0

Contact:Damian Lemay

Description:Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2169 ext 4000

Address:30 Main Street, Box 130 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Bank Manager Jim Becker

Description:Pam Waddell Clemens

View in Map Phone : 204-427-3524 Email : Website :

Address:, Box 87 Roseau River Manitoba R0A 1P0

Contact:Janet and Tim Kroeker

Description:Government licensed early learning and child care centre. We provide full, part time and casual care options for children ages 12 weeks to 12 years.

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2265 Email :

Address:19 Chruch Rd, Box 31 Rosa Manitoba R0A 1N0

Contact:Robert Budey, Lillian Pohrebniuk

Description:Established December 1990

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Address:30 First Street, Box 464 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2493 Fax : 204-373-2084 Email :

Address:108 Church Street, Box 68 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Brenda & Don Piett

Description:Hall Booking Jennifer Slaney @ 204-427-3971

View in Map Phone : 2043732801

Address:121 Park St, Box 126 Emerson Manitoba R0A 0L0

Contact:Cheryl Wiechern

View in Map Phone : 204-427-2553 Fax : 204-427-2408 Email :

Address:68 Centennial Drive Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Contact:Rick Gross

Description:We also provide opportunities to share information.

Phone : (204)324-6956 Email :

Address:373 Dallas Ave, Box 790 Altona Manitoba R0G 0B0

Contact:Emerson Location - Laura

Description:Open May - September hours: Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Noon-6 pm; Friday noon - 8pm

Phone : 204-324-5243 Fax : 204-324-5242

Address:139 – 14th Avenue, North East, Box 1810 Altona MB R0G 0B0

Description:The Members host teas and bake sales, a soup and sandwich lunch, a St. Patrick’s Day Stew Supper and bingo as fundraisers. All functions are open to everyone.

Address:Superior Swine, Box 578 St. Adolphe Manitoba R5A 1A2

Description:After 114 years of weathering several floods and temporary relocation, Scotia bank remains a solid fixture in the Town of Emerson

Phone : (204) 427-2777

Address:The Tractor People, Box 118 Dominion City Manitoba R0A 0H0

Description:What do we do?

Cell : 204-451-1697 Email : Website :

Address:2 First Avenue Tolstoi, Manitoba, Box 32 Tolstoi MB R0A 2E0

Contact:Jo-Anne Drewniak

Description:Closed Sunday and Monday

View in Map Phone : 204-425-3095 Email : Website :

Address:9 Main Steeet - Next to Grocery Store, Box 123 Tolstoi Manitoba R0A 2E0

Contact:Denise Lubiansky


View in Map Phone : 204-373-2822 Fax : 204-373-2317

Address:Located on Hwy 75, 1 mile north of U.S. Customs, Box 427 Emerson MB R0A 0L0


View in Map Phone : 204-373-2779 Fax : 204-373-2309

Address:Box 456 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Located on Hwy 75, 1 ½ miles north of U.S. Customs

Description:204-373-2017 for bookings

Phone : (204) 373-2672

Address:344 Goschen Avenue, Box 639 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Reid Boyle

Description:Senior Housing (Fixed Income Rental)

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2180 Fax : 204-373-2513 Email :

Address:107 Dominion Street, c/o Wally Turton, Box 452 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Contact:Wally Turton


View in Map Phone : 204-427-2967 Email :

Address:, Box 10 Woodmore Manitoba R0A 2M0

Contact:Joanne Graydon

Description:The New Horizons building is here for members and their guests to play pool and shuffleboard. There is a small craft/library room of donated books. During the winter months teams are formed and a schedule is drawn up to play shuffleboard every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Year round, every Monday afternoon, members get together to play cribbage.

View in Map Phone : 204-373-2899

Address:101 – 389 Goschen Avenue, box 387 Emerson MB R0A 0L0

Description:Shampoo & Style



View in Map Phone : 204-427-2763 Email :

Address:Rosa, MB, Box 91 Roseau River MB R0A 1P0

Contact:Lorrie Stephaniuk